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Live webinars available:

Meetings wherever you are and to fit your busy schedule.  Register for a live webinar hosted by Aetna’s federal team members and get answers to your questions. Or sign up for our On-demand webinars anytime.

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Overview of Aetna Federal Plans
(30 minutes)

Learn about the different Aetna health plan options available to all federal employees.

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Retirement and the Aetna Direct Plan
(30 minutes)

Learn about the plan options for federal retirees and the Aetna Direct Plan.

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Benefits 101
(30 minutes)

Learn how to better understand health plan options in general and how to choose the right plan for you.

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On-demand webinars available:

Aetna Federal Plans Webinar (20 mins) »
Guide to Retiree Health Options Webinar (20 mins) »

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