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Telemedicine is a smart, safe choice

Hi there! Did you know our members can meet with a doctor by web, phone or mobile app in under 10 minutes, 24/7? And they do it from the comfort and safety of home.

All members have access to Teladoc®, a convenient, lower-cost alternative to urgent care or the emergency room. So, if you’re sick and need care right away, Teladoc may be a great option while you protect yourself and others. And with our Aetna Direct and Aetna Medicare Advantage plans, it costs you $0 when you have Medicare Parts A&B.

What services are covered under Teladoc?

Our members get access to a variety of providers and services to get quality care at any time, for many everyday needs including behavioral health.

What are the common issues Teladoc doctors treat?

They can help treat non-emergencies like:

All Teladoc doctors are:

How do I keep on top of the latest benefit options?

Stay informed by visiting our Telemedicine page.

How do members get started?

Teladoc is perfect when traveling or when a member’s regular doctor isn't available. Simply visit Or call 1-855-Teladoc (1-855-835-2362) TTY: 711.

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Article by Rick Tapnio – Rick is a U.S. Air Force veteran with 24 years of service in the Health Services Management field. Read more about Rick and meet the rest of the Federal Team »

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