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Choosing the right plan for federal retirees

Video Transcript

Choosing the right plan

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Picture this. You're out to dinner with a friend and you order the exact same meal, but when your bills arrive, yours is $30 more than your friend's bill. That's what can happen if you're not careful about your health benefit plan choice, you can end up paying more for the same coverage. So it's time to do some research into your Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program options. Let's start with the basics.

In most cases, turning 65 is when you become eligible for Medicare. Medicare parts A and B are also called Original Medicare. When you retire and if you keep your FEHB Plan, Medicare will become your primary health plan. That means Medicare pays most of your medical expenses. What about the rest of your expenses? That's where your secondary plan comes in. Your FEHB Plan. Many federal retirees simply keep the FEHB Plan they had while they were working. Now that might seem like the best option and it's the easy one, but let's take a closer look.

When you're retired and enrolled in Original Medicare, your FEHB Plan becomes secondary. That means Medicare will pay your healthcare expenses first, and your FEHB Plan may cover extra costs not covered by Medicare. But you're still responsible for paying your full FEHB premium, even though Medicare is your primary coverage. Luckily, there are other options. Since 2015, Aetna has offered a nationwide plan with low premiums that's tailored to federal retirees with Medicare parts A and B. And in 2020, we began offering a Medicare Advantage Plan.

With an Aetna Plan, there's a good chance you can keep your doctors, lower your out of pocket costs, and you'll even receive some reimbursements to help pay your Medicare Part B premiums. Our Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan even includes extras like SilverSneakers® fitness classes and home delivered meals after a hospital stay. Be sure to check out our other videos which explain the differences between the Aetna Direct Plan and Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan, and see what works for you. Or connect directly with one of our specialists to explore your options.

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