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How to enroll

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How to enroll

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Hi everyone. This is Elana from the Aetna Federal team. Today, I'm going to give you a quick overview of how to enroll into our Aetna retirement plans, Aetna Direct and Aetna Medicare Advantage.

To enroll in either of these retirement plans, you'll first need the enrollment code, depending on your enrollment status. Aetna Direct enrollment codes are N61 for self, N63 for self plus one. Aetna Medicare Advantage enrollment codes are Z24 for self only and Z26 for self plus one.

Once you have your enrollment code for the plan and your enrollment status, you are ready to enroll. To enroll in either plan online, you can visit, or you can call the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Retirement Office Center at (888) 767-6738 and give them the Aetna enrollment code for the retirement plan you would like to enroll in.

To enroll in the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan an additional step is required. Once you are enrolled through OPM, simply contact us with your Medicare information. We will meet your original Medicare effective date for Parts A and B, and you're a Medicare Beneficiary ID (MBI). You can go to, or call us at (866) 241-0262 and give us this information to complete your enrollment.

You can learn more about how to enroll by visiting If you would like to talk with me or any of our federal team members about the retirement plans, enrollment process, or learn more about the plans, you can also schedule a one-on-one appointment anytime via Thanks for watching this video. We hope it has been helpful and thank you for your public service.

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