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Why Choose Aetna Advantage?

Video Transcript

Why Choose Aetna Advantage?

Why bother switching your FEHB plan to the Aetna Advantage plan and then opting-in to an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan for Federal Retirees?

There’s one simple reason.

You’ll save money without sacrificing coverage. This must be too good to be true then, right?

Actually, no. And please hear me out.

The Aetna Medicare Plan with an extended service area offers a nationwide PPO network. And “an extended service area” means you can see any provider or hospital, as long as they accept Medicare payment and are willing to accept the plan. When seeing your provider, you’ll pay nothing for most medical care.

And with coverage for a wide selection of generic and brand-name prescription drugs, you’ll have low and predictable copays.

In most cases, this means you’ll see the same providers as you do today, get the same prescriptions at a lower price, and get the same medical coverage with lower out-of-pocket costs. And with the resources available on our website, you can verify that your providers and prescriptions are still covered.

So now, hopefully, you feel comfortable that you’ll get the same coverage. Here is some more information on the cost savings. The plan has an affordable monthly premium. The plan also reduces your monthly Medicare Part B premium. And again, you’ll pay zero dollars for most medical care.

Please use our Aetna Retiree Savings Calculator to see for yourself. You’ll get a personalized estimate of your savings.

We want to lead you to the best health plan for your current needs, and we’re available to speak with you one-on-one.

So please schedule an appointment at to ask your questions and talk through your specific needs, so we can fulfill our purpose of bringing our heart to every moment of your health.

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