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Welcome U.S. Postal Service Employees and Annuitants!

Aetna® has been a proud provider of health plans for the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program since 1959. And we’re excited to bring that history of experience to the Postal Service Health Benefits (PSHB) program starting in 2025.

Here’s what we know right now

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You can also visit for more information about PSHB

Why choose Aetna?

Plans that fit your needs

No matter where you are in your health and wellness journey, Aetna has a plan that will support you on that journey. That includes plans designed for retirees who have Medicare Parts A and B. They come with features to help you save, like:

  • $0 deductibles and coinsurance
  • Up to $100 a month for each eligible member to help lower the cost of your Part B premium
  • Low-cost plans

A large national network*

  • More than 1.2 million health care professionals
  • Over 700,000 primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists
  • More than 5,700 hospitals

No need for referrals*

You don’t have to get a referral from your doctor to see a specialist

MinuteClinic® locations

Care that’s convenient and reliable, for low or no cost.*

MinuteClinic locations are walk-in clinics inside select CVS Pharmacy® stores. There are over 1,100 locations in 33 states and the District of Columbia. They’re open every day, including evenings. And they offer scheduled appointment options.

Programs to help keep you healthy

Every Aetna plan comes with extra programs. They’re designed to save you money and keep you healthy

  • Gym memberships
  • Weight-loss programs
  • Vision products and services
  • Chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy and more

Online tools that can help you:

  • Find a doctor, hospital or walk-in clinic, close to home or out of state
  • Create your own personal health record and review claims
  • Save money by comparing costs. Our cost estimator provides personalized cost information
  • Manage prescriptions

Connect with our expert team

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Set up a one-on-one phone consultation with an Aetna team member.

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Sign up for a live webinar to learn about our health plan options or view on-demand anytime.

*FOR LARGE NATIONAL NETWORK SOURCE: Aetna Enterprise Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Database, as of August 2022. Information is accurate as of the production date but may change.

*FOR NO REFERRALS NEEDED CLAIM: Referrals are required in our California HMO plan.

*FOR MINUTECLINIC LOW OR NO COST CARE: Includes select MinuteClinic services. Not all MinuteClinic services are covered. Please consult benefit documents to confirm which services are included. Members enrolled in qualified high-deductible health plans must meet their deductible before receiving covered non-preventive MinuteClinic services at no cost-share. However, such services are covered at negotiated contract rates. This benefit is not available in all states.

Aetna, CVS Pharmacy® and MinuteClinic, LLC (which either operates or provides certain management support services to MinuteClinic-branded walk-in clinics) are part of the CVS Health® family of companies. Aetna is not responsible for services received at MinuteClinic locations. Pharmacy benefits are administered by an affiliated pharmacy benefit manager, CVS Caremark® This is a brief description of the features of this Aetna plan. Before making a final decision, please read the Plan’s Federal brochure(s). All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations and exclusions set forth in the Federal brochure. Providers are independent contractors and are not agents of Aetna. Provider participation may change without notice. For a complete list of other participating providers and pharmacies, log in to and use our provider search tool. Aetna does not provide care or guarantee access to health services.

DISCOUNT OFFERS ARE NOT INSURANCE. They are not benefits under your insurance plan. You get access to discounts off the regular charge on products and services offered by third party vendors and providers. Aetna makes no payment to the third parties--you are responsible for the full cost. Check any insurance plan benefits you have before using these discount offers, as those benefits may give you lower costs than these discounts. Discount vendors and providers are not agents of Aetna and are solely responsible for the products and services they provide. Discount offers are not guaranteed and may be ended at any time. Aetna may get a fee when you buy these discounted products and services.