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What's the difference? Aetna Direct and Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

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What's the difference? Aetna Direct and Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

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As a federal employee, you worked hard during your career, shouldn't life get easier in retirement? We think so. That's why Aetna has nationwide plans specifically designed for federal retirees with Medicare. With these plans, you can use any doctor as long as they're eligible to receive Medicare payment and they accept the plan. And that's true, even if they're not in the Aetna network. The plans both offer low premiums and could lower your out-of-pocket costs for medical services. They even provide reimbursement for part of your Medicare Part B premiums. Sound interesting? Let's take a closer look.

In 2015, we introduced the Aetna Direct Plan, one of the first FEHB plans to offer reimbursement for a portion of Medicare Part B premiums or help pay prescription costs. Aetna Direct is a nationwide plan that waives your deductibles and copayments when Medicare Parts A and B are your primary coverage. It includes a fund of $900 when you're enrolled as self only or $1,800 when you're enrolled as self plus one. This money will help pay for your prescriptions and other covered out-of-pocket costs, or you can request reimbursement for a portion of your Medicare Part B premiums. And if you don't use the full amount in one year, the unused dollars will rollover to the following year.

Aetna also offers a kind of plan you may have heard of, a Medicare Advantage Plan, also known as Medicare Part C. The Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan was the first of its kind for federal retirees, a nationwide Medicare Advantage Plan that doesn't require you to suspend your FEHB coverage. It's a plan that's offered as an option through FEHB. It offers prescription drug coverage and low premiums. The Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan also has $0 deductibles, $0 copayments, and even SilverSneakers fitness program. And new for 2021, the plan will also reduce the amount you'll pay for Medicare Part B premiums by $900 per eligible person.

All of these extras are why more than 2 million members have signed up for an Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan. And both Aetna Direct and Aetna Medicare Advantage offer nationwide coverage. So you can travel with the confidence knowing you can continue to see your doctors, even as a snowbird. The retiree health plan you choose really matters, and choosing the plan that's just right for you could even save you thousands of dollars each year in premiums alone. So get all the information you need to make the best choice.

You can learn more about Aetna retiree plan options with our Retiree Center, or if you'd prefer to talk through your options with one of our representatives, go to to schedule a one-on-one discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

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