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Aetna Direct℠ – A quick overview

Video Transcript

Aetna Direct℠ – A quick overview

{Voice over}

Hi everyone. This is Rick from the Aetna federal team. Today I'm going to give you a quick overview of our Aetna direct plan. This is a nationwide plan geared for federal retirees with Medicare parts A and B. The plan features low premiums, waived deductibles, waived co-insurance, and no co-pays for office visits when you carry Medicare parts A and B as primary. There's also a fund which will pay for your prescription benefits or you can use it to get reimbursement for your part B premiums.

Now the fund also rolls over year to year, if you don't use it, up to $5,000 for self or $10,000 for self plus one. Now let's take a closer look at the benefits and premiums for this plan.

In addition to those great benefits, the plan allows you to visit doctors out of network as long as they accept Medicare assignment. The plan also includes $3,000 for hearing aids every three calendar years. You can learn more about the Aetna direct plan on our retiree center and if you'd like to speak with me or any of our federal team members about this plan, you can also set up a one-on-one appointment at any time via AetnaFedsLive. Thanks for watching. We hope it's been helpful and thank you for your public service.

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